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White Collar Crime Attorney in Monmouth County NJ

Are you in the Monmouth County NJ, Freehold NJ, Ocean County, NJ areas and looking for a white collar crime lawyer? Do you need someone to explain white collar crime charges to you, or to take a case all the way to trial? Whether a misdemeanor or felony, Claire Scully's law firm has the experience and commitment to evaluate your case, explain it in simple terms, and to then fight for your rights. You can count on Ms. Scully to provide you with a criminal defense like no other.

White collar crime includes many areas of law, including insurance fraud, bank fraud, mail fraud, embezzlement, larceny, perjury and check forgery. Fraud is generally defined as action taken by a person to intentionally deceive another, causing damages, which are usually monetary. Embezzlement occurs when a person is entrusted with another's money and misappropriates it. Larceny, on the other hand, is when a person intentionally takes and carries away someone else's property or money to make it their own. Perjury comes about when a person takes an oath to tell the truth about a matter material to a judicial proceeding, and they lie. Lastly, check forgery is when a person signs another's name to a check. These issues, and many more, can be explained in more detail by a white collar defense attorney.

Do not admit to anything or talk to anyone without first speaking with a white collar crime attorney. The consequences of these crimes can be severe and you need to make sure you are protected. Ms. Scully can provide you with a free case evaluation to determine your rights and your needs. Across Monmouth County NJ, Freehold NJ, Ocean County NJ and the state - Claire Scully is the white collar crime lawyer you need.

Ms. Scully has been handling municipal-level matters since her first jury trial for petty theft in 1989.

For Bank, Mail and Insurance Fraud Charges, Embezzlement, Larceny, Forgery and More

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